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Wind-Wind (Blog in English)

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Relevant updates in English from Vind-Vind:

  • Innobooster for validation program on wind load by using CFD
    Innobooster has given Vind-Vind financial support for the project “Better use of wind calculations in the construction process”.  Vind-Vind in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has started a project develop a validation program when CFD is used… Læs mere »Innobooster for validation program on wind load by using CFD
  • Wind load on buildings vs. cars
    Wind load simulated by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has been talked about for decades. CFD has already been used in the car industry and airplane design for a long period. However, building design are much more complicated especially for two reasons. Buildings are normally not… Læs mere »Wind load on buildings vs. cars
  • Goodby to a View
    Yesterday, Per Jørgen Jørgensen and Leika Diana Jørgensen took down wind/pressure gauges from the roof in Bagsværd. Extactly two years after we started. 1 1/2 years of real time data of pressure on the corner of a building. It is valuable data for assessing and… Læs mere »Goodby to a View
  • Vind-Vind in the news
    Our user story about win massouring with LiDARs due to win simulations has issues on the two biggest websites in UK “eeNews” + “Electronic World” (both are used all over Europe) on the same day‼️ Read the article in the following links: Elektroniknet.de Elektronikpraxis.de